What instructional options will be available for my child at the start of school year 2020-2021?

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Calallen ISD is committed to providing options to families in making decisions regarding the appropriate learning environment for their student.  For the fall of 2020, Calallen ISD will provide two methods of instructional delivery:


Option 1:  In-Person, Face-to-Face Instruction

Student will participate in daily, 100% face-to-face (F2F) instruction following a traditional model.  Campuses will strictly adhere to health guidance regarding prevention, response, and mitigation practices.


Option 2:  Virtual Instruction

Student will participate in daily, 100% virtual learning environment.  Students will continue learning at the pace of the current Calallen ISD scope and sequence.  The level of rigor, workload, time commitment, and scheduling of classes will be the primary differences between what was experienced in the Spring of 2020 and what will be expected in the Fall of 2020.