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2019 Annual Book Fair - Summer Reading

Barnes & Noble – Corpus Christi Division


Calallen ISD ELAR Curriculum Department

Announce the 2019 Annual CHS/CMS/Magee Summer Reading Bookfair

Each year, we have hosted Barnes and Noble at CHS to promote our Required Summer Reading for:

CHS students advancing into Grades 10-12

CMS Students advancing into Grades 7-9


Magee Students advancing into 6th grade

For the upcoming schoolyear 2019-2020, we are planning an online and pre-sale only, BookFair.

The Bookfair provides an early start for those students in the grade levels listed above to begin their summer reading and get started on the associated Summer Reading Project.

Vouchers are available in the Library Media Centers for all District Campuses.  Our  Bookfair ID is: #12530564

I met with Andrea from Barnes and Noble and set our Book Fair (in-store and online) for May 23, 24, 25.  In-store, and Online orders are eligible May 23, 24, 25, 2019.

 I will pick up presale orders from campuses on May 23 and will deliver books to the campuses on May 28.


All orders, where our voucher ID is presented, during this Bookfair window, will be automatically credited toward our sales.

Barnes and Noble will apply 20% of all eligible sales to our CISD gift card credit which is shared by all three campuses in order to support the purchase of Reading Collections and a ‘wish list’ of supplementary media resoures for campus libraries.

For additional information, you can contact the following staff:

CHS: Lesleigh Lynes, Library Media Specialist  

CMS: April Taylor, Library Media Specialist

Magee Elementary: Lynn LaStrapes, Library Media Specialist

 (5th Grade Bookfair -Pre-sale fliers will be posted on our Website May 20)

** More information to follow.  Be watching our District Website and Individual Campus Webpages. Additional information is also available from your child’s ELAR teacher.