Summer Reading 2020

  • English Summer Reading


    Due to the uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Calallen High School will not require summer reading assignments for Pre-AP or AP English courses for the 2020-2021 academic year. However, we encourage students to choose books to read independently to foster growth in literacy skills and promote reading for enjoyment.

    Below are links to helpful websites to find recommended book titles by genre or interest:



    Advanced Placement History Summer Reading


    Summer 2020 Google Classrooms


    Ms. Ritualo and Mrs. Geyer would like to welcome you to Advanced Placement World, United States, and European History!  AP History classes are meant to prepare students for Advanced Placement testing.  Testing occurs in May and students that receive a passing score will be awarded college credit, therefore, students are expected to perform at a college level throughout the school year. These classes require extensive hours of study.   Due to COVID-19, We have created Summer Google Classrooms to utilize in place of a Summer Reading Project.  We will send each of you an invitation to join our Summer Google Classroom.  Please accept the invitation by July 1st.  Throughout July and into August we will work with the history that precedes each course as well as becoming familiar with the location of different countries throughout the world.  It is important that each student has a background understanding of the history that occurred before the starting time period for each course.  We will also utilize the Summer Google Classroom to work on skills students will need to be successful on the AP Exam.  Students will work on short answer responses, document analysis, and thesis writing.  We hope you decide to join and interact in the Summer Google Classroom as it will be a great benefit to you as an AP History student.  Please email us with any questions:  Michelle Ritualo (AP World History) Aliah Geyer (AP United States History & AP European History) .  Have a great summer!