• The annual budget reflects the allocation of revenues and expenditures to support the District's education programs and services. Each school district in Texas is required by law to prepare an annual budget for the General Fund, the Debt Service Fund, and the Food Service Fund. The following budget and tax information documents include the proposed and original budgets adopted by the Board of Trustees, budget amendments that are presented to and approved by the Board of Trustees, the annual budget presentations as provided to the Board of Trustees. As part of the District's efforts to increase the level of transparency and engagement in the budgeting process, we are committed to providing essential financial information and data on the District's revenues, expenditures, tax rates, and cost drivers to both the community and Board of Trustees.

2023 Tax Rate Information


    Tax Rates      
    Tax Year M&O I&S Total
    2018 1.1700 0.2330 1.4030
    2019 1.0683 0.2430 1.3113
    2020 0.9915 0.2430 1.2345
    2021 0.9896 0.2430 1.2326
    2022  0.9429 0.2430 1.1859
    2023 0.7695 0.2504 1.0199
    Tax Collections      
    Tax Year M&O I&S Total
    2018 $17,759,247 $4,847,192 $22,606,439
    2019 $17,725,042 $5,490,955 $23,215,997
    2020 $18,203,908 $5,887,595 $24,091,503
    2021 $18,438,411 $6,215,050 $24,653,461
    2022  $19,275,337 $6,776,550 $26,051,888
    2023 BUDGET $15,900,000 $7,000,000 $22,900,000

Governing Body Contact Information

Adopted Tax Rate

  • Districts are required to post the "Proposed" Expenditure Budget on the District's web page at the same time it post the "Notice of Public Hearing" on the budget in the newspaper. The report provides a comparison of the District's "proposed" budget to the current year's budget. 

  • The annually adopted budget outlines the financial resources necessary to ensure all students achieve academic excellence, to offer a competitive compensation package to recruit and maintain highly qualified employees, to maintain existing facilities, and to support the six campuses to ensure high levels of learning for all students. The adopted budget includes the General Fund, Debt Service Fund, and Food Service Fund. 

    • District Administration provides routine, pertinent District financial information to the Board of Trustees. Budget presentations occur during the budget process (June to August each year) and continue throughout the Fiscal Year. Below, stakeholders can find copies of all budget presentations and information regarding tax values and tax rates, salaries and raises, proposed and adopted budgets, budget versus actual financial performance, fund balance considerations and calculations, and future year financial projections. **Unless marked ACTUAL, all information found in these presentations are estimates based on District Administration's understanding and knowledge at the time of the presentation.

Budget Presentations