Nurse Photo
  • Hello! My name is Lori Terrell and I am a licensed nurse with Calallen ISD. The district hired me as the Special Needs Nurse to work with the special population students 26 years ago. Then in 2020 when the Covid pandemic came to town, there was a huge demand placed on all campuses for our nurse's offices and I started traveling to all four primary campuses to help in those nurse offices as well as continue to care for the very small caseload of medically fragile students. I can be found at Woodriver, East, Magee and West campuses on different days weekly, as well as at CMS and CHS occasionally.  I have been in healthcare for 32 years, nursing for 30 years, and have worked multiple jobs for 26 years now with special needs students and geriatric and Alzheimer's patients. I am also an avid animal rescuer and foster failure (meaning a have lots of furbabies). I am a mom to an absolutely amazing 27 year old daughter and have one precious granddaughter with a grandson on the way.  I am happy to be providing healthcare to the students and staff of Calallen ISD as well as,  working with such an awesome group of nurses within our district.