• Safety and Security


    John Garcia 

    Director of Safety and Security 


    361-242-5600 ext. 10021


    Calallen ISD is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students. Calallen ISD is committed to ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff.  The district has chosen to share only an overview of safety initiatives in lieu of detailed information that may adversely be used against our schools.  We continuously review and update our security plan that is designed to keep schools safe by prioritizing security and ensuring a focus on the most important things in our schools, students and staff.  The district understands that strengthening safety can often feel burdensome and non-inclusive, but the district has chosen to prioritize safety over convenience.  To that end, please note the following:


    Visitor Policy

    We are continuing to implement most aspects as they were before, and will continue to evaluate to ensure there is a balance between a welcoming and safe environment.  We will be utilizing volunteer training and background checks more rigorously so that we have adequate knowledge about the people allowed in our buildings.  We want our families to be welcome in our schools, but will continue to monitor visitor traffic to maintain security.  


    Exterior Doors

    District staff conducted an audit of all exterior doors across the district.  Standard exterior doors should remain closed and locked at all times.  There are access points designated on each campus for entry and exit. Secure doors should never be propped open, and should not be opened for any visitor.  People wishing to access the campus should use the main entrance to the campus and be screened.  We are asking students and staff not to open the door for others or to allow non-staff to enter the building at entrances other than the primary entrance.  Ongoing exterior door checks and audits will continue, and Calallen will exceed all state requirements.


    Interior Doors

    All interior doors will be closed and locked during instruction.


    Security Vestibules

    All campus entry points are equipped with secure enclosures and bullet-resistant glass.  Visitors may not pass through the vestibule without having their identification scanned and verified.


    Staff ID Badges

    All Calallen ISD staff will be required to wear their district provided badges. 


    Collaboration with Law Enforcement

    Calallen ISD has strong collaboration with law enforcement, including hosting active threat and K-9 drills at our high school.  We are always pleased to be provided these opportunities as it allows law enforcement to learn our buildings and practice while it is not an emergency.  We will be provide opportunities for increased police presence on campus, including the hiring of additional officers and implementation of the "Meals with Shields" program on all campuses.


    Threat Assessment

    Calallen ISD maintains an active Threat Assessment Team.  Threat assessment provides a proactive, evidence-based approach for identifying individuals who need the most support.  Included on the team are administrators, operational staff, licensed school psychologist, safety and security administrator, substance abuse specialist, digital threat specialist, law enforcement, emergency management, instructional staff, and the district licensed professional counselor.  


    While safety measures may make a campus feel less welcoming, we believe safety must be prioritized. We are counting on community support to make safety and security a priority in Calallen ISD.  If anyone in the community sees or hears something that may threaten the school, we implore you to report to any campus or administrator or directly to central office.  We need everyone's help to ensure our campuses remain safe at all times.