Mrs. Cash

    Monica Cash


    361-242-5626 ext. 7303

    Room 303


    B.A. - Science of Arts - Biology



    Welcome to Biology at Calallen High School! I am Mrs. Monica Cash. I am very excited to engage our students in biology- the study of life and environmental - the study of our environent. These courses will help us to better appreciate the World we live in, identify the creatures around us, understand the marvels of the human body, and realize the magnificent processes of life! 

    I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Western Governors University! Go Owls! I enjoy spending time with my family, learning new things, teaching Biology, swimming, the Earth, and enjoying life to the fullest!

    I hope to draw connection points between content and current events in our World from cancer to conservation.

    Parent's, please encourage your son or daughter to actively participate in class, complete all assignments thoughtfully and on time, and to study regularly outside of class. I cannot emphasize the "studying regularly outside of class" enough! This class is difficult and super fast paced. It is like learning a new language and content at the same time. Please contact me for tips and tricks to help your student acheive their best! Their digital notebooks are accessible via their Google Drives. I strongly suggest asking them to access their notebooks daily, and ask them to explain what they learned in class that day! Teaching what they learned is an excellent mechanism for converting short term memory to long term memory, and for a deeper grasp of the content they learned. 


    If a student is absent they may contain that day's notes in Schoology. You can also see any other notes once that day of the lesson has passed. So for example a lesson given in class on Thursday will be posted by 7th period that day or the morning after. If a lesson does not yet contain a link and it is past the time, please feel free to contact me.  


    Conference 7th Period 3:07-4:00  Rm C303
    Email: mcash@calallen.org
    361-242-5630 x7303

    Class Schedule

    1st Period = Environmental

    2nd Period = Biology

    3rd Period = Biology

    4th Period = Biology

    5th Period = Biology

    6th Period = Biology

    7th Period = Conference 


    Contact Information

    Phone: 361) 242-5626 x7303

    Email: mcash@calallen.org