• Staff Photo Welcome! I hope you have a fabulous school year full of fun learning. I am excited to be at Calallen High School to start my 27th year teaching. 

    In the journalism department, you will have an opportunity to learn to write amazing stories, take eye-catching photos and design pages like a pro, as well as learn multimedia journalism. We plan on reactivating our Calallen Media twitter page, and we will continue posting stories to our school media site, The Wildcatter. You will have an opportunity to improve your verbal communication skills in your activities as a student journalist, and you will come away from this class with new skills using Adobe Design software such as Photoshop and InDesign.

    I have a passion for journalism as I am a former newspaper journalist and hold a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Texas as Austin. I love living in Calallen and graduated from Corpus Christi King, Class of '84, the class with more. I still keep in touch with friends in media and communication fields and my husband is a retired sports journalist. I hope you consider a communications career one day, but should you choose a different field, you will still carry great skills with you to whatever career you choose from your experience as a student journalist. 

  • Contact me: jkrizak@calallen.org

    1st 8:30-9:23 Photojournalism

    2nd 9:28-10:37 Yearbook/Digital Design

    3rd 10:42-11:35 Journalism/News

    4th 11:35-12:05 Lunch

    5th 1:08-2:04 Journalism/


    6th 2:09-3:02 Yearbook/Digital Design

    7th 3:07-4:00


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