• Eason


    Room 407



    BA Classics, Minor Physics; Texas A&M University 2015

    MEd Curriculum and Instruction; Texas A&M University 2017



        Salve and hello! I am new to Calallen ISD and very excited to be teaching Algebra I at Calallen High School. We moved to the Corpus Christi area in order for my wife to continue her education at TAMUCC. We have been married a year now, and have three "children": a gray tabby cat named Apollo, a black cat named Cyrena, and a black terrier mix named Sophie.

        I began my teaching career in College Station, TX, teaching Latin at A&M Consolidated High School. There, I took a process-based approach to learning a wonderful classical language. Algebra is like a second language at times, and one can gain fluency with plenty of practice taught by a Magister Mathematicae

        My hobbies and interests include:

    • Doctor Who
    • Lord of the Rings
    • Building computers
    • Circuits and hobby projects
    • Reading and translating Latin texts
    • Going to the beach
    • Musicals
    • Disney movies
    • Running
    • Ultimate Frisbee