• Wood River Elementary


    The mission of Wood River Elementary School is to create leaders by Pulling together to achieve high levels of Learning in a safe and supportive environment and Celebrating success!


    Wood River Elementary will work collaboratively with all stake holders to accomplish their mission by:

    • Developing and following curriculum focused on TEKS mastery which is implemented with research based programs and systems.
    • Designing instructional lessons which will be differentiated with depth and complexity and implementing those lessons with high expectation for all.
    • Monitoring progress frequently with aligned assessments and using data to drive instruction.
    • Building relationships, improving social skills, being proactive, communicating with parents, and practicing routines and procedures in order to create a safe learning environment.
    • Creating a supportive environment by encouraging growth of the 40 developmental assets and setting in place systems and programs for remediation and support which will allow all students to reach their maximum potential.
    • Celebrating all accomplishments!


    “Nurturing Hearts and Challenging Minds”