• CHS Spanish Club

    The Spanish Club is meant to bring students together to celebrate the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. It provides educational opportunities outside of the classroom and expands their knowledge of Spanish and Latin American cultures. Students interested in understanding and exploring more the Spanish language and culture are welcome to join.

    ¿Cuándo/When? - We will meet twice a month. Officers will be voted on. (Days and times to be announced.)

    Elecciones/Elections- Students will be elected by the club members and through a ballot vote. 

    ¿Dónde/Where? –In the Foreign Language Department, Room 310

    ¿Qué actividades/ What Activities?- Community Service, Piñata contest, Homecoming Parade, Día de los Muertos Altar, Christmas Tree Decoration/Celebration, Valentine’s Decoration/Celebration, Fall & Spring Semester Fundraisers, Fiesta Texas end of year trip. (Open to new ideas)

    ¿Cuánto/How much? - $5.00 at the beginning of each semester

    ¿Las Patrocinadoras/Sponsors? – Señora Almaguer and Co-Sponsor to be announced