• Welcome to the Magee Counselor's Page!!


    On behalf of the entire Magee staff I would like to extend a warm “Welcome!” to all Magee parents and students.

    My name is Tracy Hendley and I am the guidance counselor at Magee Elementary. Through classroom guidance and individual counseling, my job is to teach and reinforce the five social skills that your child hears and recites every morning in our Magee Pledge:  Respect, Responsibility, Friendship, Fairness, and Honesty.  The focus of my guidance lessons is on two simple things:  Showing kindness to others without expecting anything in return and overcoming adversity.  I truly feel that ANY child can lead a happy and fulfilling life if they can learn to do these two things.  I have been a guidance counselor for 17 years.  My years of experience have given me the opportunity to pay close attention to the situations that our students face each day, in and out of school, and I have used what I have seen in order to create my own guidance curriculum in order to meet the specific needs of our 4th and 5th graders. 

    I am pleased to be working with the kids in our community and I truly enjoy having the opportunity to teach and reinforce the social skills they will need in order to be happy, successful members of society.


    Tracy Hendley, Magee Guidance Counselor




    Tracy Hendley