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    Mrs. Leslie J Elmore

    I  began my career at Chula Vista Academy of Fine Arts teaching 4th grade.  I then moved to Wynn Seale Academy of Fine Arts Middle School.  I taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Language Arts.  In addition, I started an at-risk program for students who had been retained multiple times.  I taught at Wynn Seale Academy for eighteen years before coming to Calallen.  I have had the pleasure of building an in-school tutorial program for students here at Calallen. 

    I received a Bachelor of Science from Corpus Christi University, and a Masters, in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Reading, from Texas A& M Corpus Christi. In addition, I am certified by the state as a Master Reading Teacher. I recently became certified in ESL as well.

    I have now worked in education for thirty one years, eleven years here at CHS.  I continue to find teaching a rewarding and fulfilling profession. I am currently the lead teacher for the Grand Central Station, Advanced Academics, and AP / PreAP Coordinator at Calallen High School.