Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Melinda Barron

Dear Parents:

     Welcome to Wood River Elementary! We are honored you have chosen our school! This year, our theme is “Bee Kind, Bee Honest, Bee Positive, believe in yourself”, and our motto continues to be “Nurturing Hearts and Challenging Minds.”

     Wood River is continuously working together, learning, and helping each other grow professional. We are constantly working as a Professional Learning Community to ensure we are teaching the TEKS in fun and rigorous ways. Our staff is diligent about not only teaching the TEKS at a high level, but also working on the social and emotional learning aspects that our students need. Within our curriculum, we include balanced literacy components, high yield strategies, and strive to integrate the latest technology.

     Along with a positive culture on campus, Wood River promotes positive parental involvement. Wood River is proud to have a strong Parent Teacher Association and parent involvement. We encourage all parents to join and participate in PTA.

Every student has a story, and we believe it is important to get to know their story, so that we can meet their needs. We know that in order for students to be ready to learn, their basic needs must first be met. We strive to take care of the whole child; socially, emotionally and academically. It is our goal to develop students of good character who will become kind, moral, and productive citizens.

     Wood River has always promoted a culture of excellence and high expectations. We believe ALL students can learn, and strive to give them the tools they need to be successful! All teachers work to challenge students while providing support and a loving environment, so that students can reach their goals and more.

Thanks again for choosing Wood River!


Ms. Melinda Barron, Principal