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    Dear Parents,
    Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child this year.  My name is Jennifer Vincent and I am looking forward to an exciting year.  This year will be comprised of some fun and challenging tasks to help us reach our goals and help us be prepared for the End-of-Course exam.   I have high expectations for all of my students and I am committed to assisting them with the expectations required of the course.

    The design of our Algebra I class will be highly structured and will provide students with teacher lead and student lead instruction, group work and individual assignments.
     All work assigned in class is expected be completed either during class or at home and turned in the following school day. While some assignments or projects might require additional time for completion, students will be permitted to turn in those assignments  the day after we finish working on the material in class.  For projects, your student will be provided with a rubric so that they have a clear understanding of the grading.  Students will receive a grade for assigned work measured by the rubric provided.  Rubrics are the guidelines that let your child know due dates and what is expected to earn the optimal grade.  Students will receive instruction on how the grading measure is based on each rubric and mastery of the expectations will be reflected in their grade.  No late projects are accepted (per grading policy).

    On the first day of class I will review the syllabus with students to provide them with a clear understanding of classroom rules, policies and expectations, along with a calendar of assignments and tests.  It is important that all students thoroughly understand behavioral expectations and classroom procedures for the start and end of the class period.

    My primary goal is to keep students engaged and interested in Algebra. Algbera I is the foundation for all other math courses your child will take throughout his/her life.  I will do my best to encourage and motivate them to be successful in my class, which also includes holding them accountable for their learning.

    In closing, one of the most important components this year is to keep the lines of communication open.  Positive and productive communication is key to your child’s success! You are the eyes and ears at home and if you notice your child struggling, encourage them to ask me questions during the lesson, after class or come in for tutorials. Homework is given and is intended to be challenging yet doable, not impossible nor impractical.

    We are all in this together! Student + Parent + Teacher = A Successful Year!
    Mrs. Vincent







    Texas Lutheran University 2000-2004: Bachelor's in Mathematics

    Texas State University 2004-2006: Master's in Health Administration



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