• muthwill


                                                                       ¡BIENVENIDOS !

    Welcome to my Spanish Classes!  

    Name: Mrs. M.  Muthwill

    Foreign Language Department Chair

    Phone: 361.242.5626 Ext. 7316

    email: mmuthwill@calallen.org

    conference period: 2nd

    Room: 316

                                                     My Schedule            

                             1st period:      Department Chair Meetings

                            2nd period:      Conference

                            3rd period:      Spanish Dual Credit 1411

                            4th period:      Span 2 Pre-AP & Spanish 3 regular

                                               B LUNCH

                            5th period:      Spanish 3 Pre-AP & Spanish 4 AP

                            6th period:      Spanish 2 Pre-AP & Spanish 3 regular

                            7th period:      Spanish 2 Pre-AP & Spanish 3 Regular



    • BA in Spanish and minor in Kinesiology 
    • Masters in Literature Graduated from UTEP (University of Texas At El Paso)
    • Certified Translator from English to Spanish: UTEP
    • PhD in Hispanic Studies in progress at Texas A&M College Station 
    • Certified Teacher in Mexico: Normal Oficial de Torreon


     - 10 years Biology and Chemistry teacher in Chihuahua City,  Mexico

    -  12 Years Spanish High School Teacher, El Paso, Texas

    -  3 years Spanish teacher at El Paso Community College

    - 10 years Spanish Teacher @ Calallen High, Corpus Christi, Tx

    -  9  years Spanish Dual Credit teacher at CHS/Del Mar Community College-Texas A&M at Kingsville



    - Spanish National Honor Society (SNHS) Sponsor  since 2010

    - Salsa Club sponsor since 2010




    Spanish is a very important subject in helping students recognizing the importance of learning a second language in today’s, and tomorrow’s world. This class provides the students with the advanced knowledge of the Spanish language and the culture that relates to it. The students will develop an appreciation for the Spanish language and its usage.



    -Students are expected to participate in class.

    -No late assignments are accepted (if you have any problem to turn in an

      assignment or to take a test, talk in advanced with me).

    -Take notes of day’s lecture.

    -A positive attitude at all times is expected.


    Students will be able to earn extra points by: doing extra work for research projects, and some Hispanic events.


    Regular Classes

    • Major grades (tests/quizzes)  = 60%
    • Daily grades                              = 40%

     Ap and Pre-AP

    • Daily grade      = 25%
    • Major grade     = 75%       

    Dual Credit

    • According to Del Mar Community College Grading

     Grading Procedures

    • Grammar and vocabulary (daily)
    • Oral participation (daily-major)
    • Tests (major)
    • Mini-Test (major)
    • Individual or group projects (daily and major)
    • Pair or group dialogues- oral test (major)
    • Independent class work (daily)
    • Class participation (daily)
    • Homework  (daily)


    Daily work will be done during class and homework will be assigned occasionally. It is very important that students turn all assigned work when it is due.


    Projects will be assigned by group or individually. Some projects assigned to the students or groups, might be required to work on them outside of class. I will grade according to the rubrics given.


    Tests will be announced previously in the teacher’s schedule/lesson plan, and a review will be given a day before. The reviews are graded as daily assignments. I will follow the same process for the mini-tests.


    It is the responsibility of the student to ask for and complete any make-up work. Students will have the same number of days to complete the work as the number of days they were absent.


    Includes but not limited to, use of Spanish during class, willingness to participate in course related activities, cooperation in group/pair work, contribution to classroom environment, timely arrival and bringing school supplies to class/online.


    I will be available for tutoring before and after school or by appointment: Mondays, Wednesday before school. Fridays after school by appointment. Is the student’s responsibility to ask for tutorial help and get an appointment. I also can help you during your class time.



    Will be in accordance with the rules and action procedures as stated in the Calallen High School Parent/Student Handbook, and the teacher’s classroom rules.