Meet in the Middle
  • The Unified Champion School Organization (Meet in the Middle) approach incorporates Special Olympics sports, leadership and related activities that empower youth to be change agents in their communities.

    Special education and general education students alongside educators and administrators are encouraged to collaborate to create supportive classrooms, school-wide activities and opportunities for growth and success for all.

    When everyone in a school fosters a socially inclusive school climate that emphasizes acceptance, respect and human dignity for all students, schools become places where no student is isolated because of the degree or type of disability or the services required to meet his/her needs.

    Meet in the Middle activities positively impact school climate by including all students, teachers, staff, and administrators. An inclusive school climate that fosters understanding and respect for all can influence how students think and act within and beyond the school. School-wide opportunities focused on social inclusion raise awareness and create an educational environment where respect and acceptance are the norm and all students feel included and engaged. This welcoming community cultivates a positive school climate and enhances other school-wide efforts. Whole school activities also offer a platform to demonstrate the power of young people to positively impact their school community by promoting social inclusion.

    Mrs. Wishard is the Meet in the Middle Advisor and she is located in room 511A across from the library here at CHS.