• I have not been a South Texas girl my whole life. I was born in Ohio, raised in Maryland, Michigan and New York. College educated at Harding University, University of Central Arkansas, Oxford University in London, Corpus Christi State University (remember when it was called this) and to be certified in Texas, I had to take a Texas Government correspondence course from University of Texas.  Aggies, don't be rattled....don't think A & M offered correspondence course back then!!  At the end of the 2020 school year, I will have finished my 47th year of teaching teenagers (in Arkansas, Tom Browne Jr. High, Carroll High School, Gregory - Portland High School).  Woo..Woo... I am certified in English, Speech, Theatre, and Technical Theater. It's been a great 47 years.

    I am the UIL Academic Coordinator and the Mock Trial/speech/debate coach. UIL Academics is a powerful activity for all students....great academic competition in all courses. Please have your students stop by room 507 (or  email me and I will send it to you!)   to get information. We have competition in public speaking events, oral interpretation events and Mock Trial Competition.  One of the best clubs I get to sponsor is the Interact Club. This club is a service and leadership organization which serves the school, community as well as national and international projects. The Northwest Rotary Club is our sponsor.