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    Welcome Back, Wildcats!

    AVID Secondary (grades 6-12) is an essential component of the AVID College Readiness System and is designed to enable schoolwide implementation of AVID’s proven instructional methodologies and content area best practices to improve outcomes for all students. AVID Secondary goes beyond the AVID Elective course to affect the entire campus and district by creating a college-going culture that increases the number of students who enroll and succeed in higher education and their lives beyond.

    Outside of school, I LOVE to travel!  I have two kids:  My oldest, Colby, just graduated from Calallen this past May.  He also graduated from DelMar College (two weeks before his high school graduation) as a Firefighter EMT.  He is currently enrolled in DelMar College and completing the Paramedic program.  You youngest, Cady, is currently a sophomore here at Calallen.  We have a mini-pin named Gizmo, a chiweenie named Punkin, and a majestic kitty named Lexi.  We also have a ball-python named Jack and several fish.

    This is my 11th year with Calallen!   I am also the Class of 2020 Sponsor, the CHS Earth Club Sponsor, as well as the Heritage Bridge Foundation Sponsor.

    1st period:  AVID, DelMar College Dual Credit BCIS, College Lab

    2nd period:  AVID, DelMar College Dual Credit BCIS, College Lab

    3rd period:  AVID, DelMar College Dual Credit BCIS, College Lab

    4th period:  AVID, Delmar College Dual Credit BCIS, College Lab

    5th period:  Co-teach Chemistry with Mrs. Venable

    6th period:  Conference

    7th period:  Co-teach Chemistry with Mrs. Johns

    We are going to have an AMAZING year!!