Transforming The Vision:2020
  • Transforming the
    Vision: 2020

    2 Community Summits
    Online Surveys
    Strategic Design Team
    Action Team

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    Board of Trustees

    Jason Floyd

    Dr. Lana Carr
    Vice President

    Lori Jo Walker

    Bill Kelly

    Royce Cameron

    Allen Libbe

    Heather Luckenbach


    Administrative Staff

    Dr. Arturo Almendarez
    Superintendent of Schools

    Dr. Anita Danaher
    Deputy Superintendent

    Emily Lorenz
    Assistant Superintendent

    Sonya Durrwachter
    Director of Special Programs

    Edith George
    Director of Finance

  • Mission:
    We challenge and encourage each student to achieve academic excellence, interpersonal and technical skills, and responsible citizenship.

    In CISD, we believe that….

    • All students have the right to a well-rounded, high quality education.
    • It is important to adapt to the changing environment while maximizing the available resources.
    • The purpose of public education is to develop life-long learners and productive citizens to sustain a strong economy and a democratic society.
    • All students can learn in engaging, interactive environments through varied methodologies.
    • Students need to be critical thinkers and problem solvers to function successfully in an ever changing global society.
    • All students deserve a safe, nurturing learning environment.
    • Partnerships among school staff, parents/guardians and community are vital to a quality education.
    • All students and staff function effectively in an environment of mutual respect and positive relationships.

    All CISD graduates apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be self-reliant and thrive as dynamic global citizens.

    Learner Outcomes:

    1. All students demonstrate the skills in the learner profile.
    2. All students demonstrate lifelong learning.
    3. All students demonstrate personal and academic growth.
    4. All students will engage in service to the community.
    5. All students will explore, select and achieve desired career pathways.

    Learner Profile

    The learner:

    • thinks critically
    • communicates effectively
    • collaborates
    • demonstrates responsibility
    • exhibits good social and life skills
    • problem solves
    • adapts effectively
    • innovates
    • is resourceful
    • sets goals
    • is financially responsible
    • is technologically proficient


    1. We will develop a system where each child has a customized plan for challenging learning that facilitates his/her educational process and pursuits aligned to desired career pathways.
    2. We will provide a nurturing, engaging, interactive learning environment using varied methodologies which will encourage mutual respect and positive relationships.
    3. We will provide the most up to date training and technology for our students and teachers.
    4. We will develop partnerships that will further our call to action.
    5. We will hold all staff and students to the highest standards and expectations.
    6. We will have a highly qualified staff and become completely student centered.
    7. We will evaluate all existing programs and retain those aligned with our call to action.