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Candy Morris, District Assessment Coordinator

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    STAAR 3-8 & EOC results will no longer be mailed home during the summer. Please access your child's scores through the portal using the directions below.

    2021 Dates that student STAAR scores will be posted to the Texas Assessment Management System Student/Parent Portals:

    Grades 5 & 8 Reading and Math June 21st
    Grades 4 & 7 Writing June 28th
    May STAAR Grades 3-8 June 28th 
    High School End of Course June 15th

    STAAR Student Portal

    How can I access my child's state assessment scores score online? Parents and students may access scores online through the student portal.

    What is the Student Portal? The Student Portal provides parents and students with online access to scores from the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) as well as the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), and the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) assessments.

    Specific Features of the Portal:

    • Viewing student assessment results over the course of a student’s academic career.
    • Comparing individual student STAAR assessment results to campus, district, and state averages.
    • Examining student performance on STAAR, including individual student scale scores and objective scores.
    • Examining TELPAS examinee proficiency ratings, comprehension scores and composite score/rating.

    Access to the Student Portal (click here to access Texas Assessment Management System Portal)

    You will see a screen like this: (screenshot)



    Select "Log in to Student Portal" 

    You will then see this screen: (screenshot)

     access code

    If you have your access code (which is located on student's STAAR report), enter the code and your child's birthdate to view scores.  If you do not have your access code, click on "Lookup Access Code"  You will see this screen: (screenshot)

    Enter your child's first name only and his or her social security number in the PEIMS ID field, and then your child's birthdate.  Once the code appears, click "go."

     Lookup Code

    More State Testing Information:

    Updated State Testing Calendars

    The STAAR program includes annual assessments for grades 3–8 in reading and mathematics; assessments in writing at grades 4 and 7; in science at grades 5 and 8; in social studies at grade 8; and end-of-course assessments for English I, English II,  Algebra I, Biology and U.S history.

    STAAR Report Card

    Update to STAAR/EOC Standards-Information from TEA:

    3-8 Passing Standards
    EOC Passing Standards
    Public Comments on the Amendment

    Please see my additional website links for updates on SAT/ACT/TSI exams and Accountability.

    If you have specific testing questions regarding your child/student, please contact your child's counselor.

    Please be on the lookout for benchmark dates and practice materials to help your child prepare for assessments.

    Your continued support and partnership is very much appreciated! Thank you and have a great year!

    Candy MorrisDistrict Testing Coordinator cmorris@calallen.org