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    Self-harm is when someone deliberately hurts themselves. Engaging in self-harming behavior is often used as a way to cope with painful or strong emotions. It may be a way for the individual to gain control over certain feelings or experience relief from them altogether. Any behavior that is used to cause pain upon oneself but not end ones own life can be considered non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI). NSSI is considered a strong predictor for suicidal ideations or attempts later.

    One of the most common forms of self-harm we hear about is cutting. Studies have documented over 16 forms of self-harming behaviors, some of those include burning, scratching, carving skin, hitting oneself, piercing skin, and pulling out hair. Those who struggle with self-harming behavior may avoid treatment because they feel that engaging in self-harming behavior has granted them the relief they were seeking at the time. However, we should encourage youth to talk to a trusted adult and seek professional help in order to get the proper form of treatment.


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    Information Courtesy:

    Brandalyn Haggerty, MS, LPC

    Education Service Center, Region 2







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