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    Holidays are around the corner and as we begin to prepare for festive music and spreading cheer, we may also need to prepare for changes in our mental health. Many individuals may experience a shift from feelings of excitement to despair as the holidays transpire. There are many factors that play a role when it comes to one's mental health and during the holidays additional stressors we may face include the pressure to attend or host social events, purchasing gifts, committing to travel, and coping with grief (to name a few). A study by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) found that almost two-thirds (64%) of people with mental illness reported that their conditions worsened during the holidays.

    The Holidays can also be a difficult time for children to cope for a variety of reasons including, isolation or loss, overwhelming attention from family they rarely see, irregular schedules, or triggers for those battling different mental health conditions such eating disorders, substance abuse, or social anxiety. If you feel that you are becoming overwhelmed during this time, start off by knowing you are not alone and there are resources to help. Here are a few websites to offer more information and guidance on coping with the holidays.



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    Information Courtesy of Brandalyn Haggerty, MS, LPC

    ESC Region 2, Educational Resource Clinician


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