• Standard Response Protocols


    Standard Response Protocols (SRPs) provide consistent, clear, shared language and action among all students, staff, and first responders that can be applied in an emergency.  Calallen ISD trains our staff and students in SRPs; Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter.  These five simple procedures give our staff and students the tools they need to properly initiate emergency response actions for any emergency that may occur on campus.  


    SRPs are practiced regularly at each campus in the form of drills.  State law dictates the number of times each semester each drill is to be practiced.  All drills are reported by each of the campus administrators to the Director of Safety and Operations for Calallen ISD who shares them with applicable government officials.  Calallen ISD utilizes the I Love U Guys Foundation standard response protocols that are endorsed by the Texas School Safety Center.  This system was selected because it is action-based, flexible, and easy to learn.  


    By standardizing the vocabulary, all stakeholders understand the response and status of an event.  Our students have continuity in expectations and actions throughout their time in Calallen.  Each of our SRP's are listed below along with a brief description of the protocol. 



    For more information, visit the I Love You Guys Foundation: https://iloveuguys.org/