• Demographic Survey Overview:

    Calallen ISD commissioned a demographic study with PASA, Population and Survey Analysts during the summer of 2021. The goal was to utilize the data gathered to support planning for long range utilization of schools by projecting future student enrollment.  This process includes projecting new residential development, understanding potential land usage for underdeveloped parcels, and relating findings to future students in the schools.  By having a clear idea of future growth potential, Calallen ISD will be able to plan in a financially responsible manner, as well as maximize stability for students by planning ahead to minimize the need for changing schools.  

    Please take a moment to listen to the Calallen ISD 2020-2021 Demographic Study Review to learn about the study, the findings, and their impact on future campus planning.



    2022-2023 Grade Configuration Plans:

    Beginning in 2022-2023, Calallen ISD will serve students in the following grade configurations:


    Campus Name

    Grades Served

     East Elementary

     Wood River Elementary

     Early Education through Grade 2

     Magee Intermediate

     West Intermediate

     Grades 3 through 5

     Calallen Middle School

     Grades 6 through 8

     Calallen High School

     Grades 9 through 12


    Frequently Asked Questions:


    What factors were considered when making the decision to move from the proposed EE-1, 2-3, and 4-5 grade configurations?

    The district took three major factors into consideration when making final plans for the 2022-2023 grade configuration change:

    1.  Projected Enrollment - the growth projected by PASA was at a higher rate than previous models.  

    2.  Practical Capacity of Campuses - the district worked to determine which configuration would provide the best long term solution to capacity needs.

    3.  Minimize the Number of School Changes - the new configuration will lessen the number of campus changes Calallen ISD students make.


    Will Magee Intermediate be ready to open in the Fall of 2022?

    Yes, repair work is on schedule, and the campus will reopen in the Fall of 2022 as planned.


    Will rezoning be needed for 2022-2023?

    A small portion of the Wood River Elementary attendance zone will be moved to East Elementary.  This will allow for Magee Intermediate to be included in the East Elementary Zone.  All families affected by this rezoning will be contacted by the District.  




    If my student is in Grade 4 and attends West Intermediate during the 2021-2022 school year, where will he/she attend Grade 5 in 2022-2023?

    The student will attend the Intermediate campus that aligns with the lower elementary attendance zone they reside in.  For example:  If you live in the Wood River attendance zone, you will attend West.  If you live in the East Elementary attendance zone, you will attend Magee Intermediate.


    Have principals been assigned to the two Intermediate campuses?

    Yes, principals have been assigned and are working to prepare for teachers and students in grades 3-5 next year.  Melissa Cardona will continue to be the West Intermediate Principal, and Monica Perez, current West Assistant Principal will be the Magee Intermediate Principal in 2022-2023.


    What benefits are there to having an EE-2 and 3-5 model?

    By transitioning Wood River and East Elementary to Early Education through Grade 2 campuses, staff can focus on attainment of foundation skills by all students.  The goal is for students to receive the best possible instruction in the foundations of reading and math, and a focus on early childhood education at the lower elementary will support this goal.