• Cancelling Remote Instruction for Individual Students


    Calallen ISD’s mission is to challenge and encourage each student to achieve academic excellence, interpersonal and technical skills, and responsible citizenship.  To that end, we commit efforts and resources to supporting the success of each Calallen student.  During the unique times brought on by the coronavirus, we are keenly aware of challenges facing our students, staff, and community.  In order to support virtual students who have been identified as being significantly at risk of severe learning loss due to attendance or academic performance we are in some cases requiring a return to face-to-face instruction. 


    The district has identified the following criteria as possible indicators of risk of severe learning loss:

    • Student is failing one or more courses with a class average below 70; or
    • Student has three (3) or more unexcused absences in a grading period.


    Parents of students identified as needing to return to on campus instruction will be provided notice two weeks prior to when the student is expected to be on campus.  If a parent chooses to appeal the change in instructional format, there are two options for appeal:

    1. Submitting a medical exemption. This exemption requires health care provider certification that the child or an individual in his/her household has a high-risk medical condition as defined by the Centers for Disease Control.
    2. Requesting a transition meeting. A transition meeting (which can be held virtually) will be scheduled with the student, parent, and student’s teacher or teachers as appropriate.  This meeting will occur no sooner than three (3) days after requested, and the student may continue to learn remotely until the meeting has been held.


    If the parent does not appeal or if, at the conclusion of the transition meeting, campus administration does not conclude with the parent that the student can be successful learning from home, the campus may require the student to transition to on-campus learning.



    Remote instruction may be required for individual students if those students’ individualized education programs (IEPs) or Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations require remote instruction.