• Calallen Virtual School


    The Texas Education Agency has approved two different virtual school models for districts to utilize during the 2020-2021 school year.

    Asynchronous:  instruction that does not require the instructor and student engaged at the same time.

    Synchronous:  two-way, real-time/live, virtual instruction between teachers and student when students are not on campus


    Extracurricular Participation:

    Students who elect to receive instruction through the Calallen Virtual School will be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.  Participation will be limited to afterschool activities only.  Students who are not attending F2F instruction may not be on school grounds during normal school hours without the permission of campus administration.


    Calallen Virtual School Expectations:

    • Virtual students will follow the same schedule as they would in the regular classroom.
    • Students will be expected to turn in work every day and communicate with their teachers.
      • State standards require students meet a minimal amount of daily minutes to receive daily attendance.
      • Calallen ISD will expect students to meet the minute requirements that the district requires for face-to-face instruction.
      • Instructional minutes are aligned to district face-to-face minute requirements.
    • Grading guidelines for virtual school will follow the same Calallen ISD grading guidelines utilized for students enrolled in face-to-face instruction.
    • Once an instructional model is selected, a student will remain in that format for the first six-weeks of school.  After the first six weeks, parents/guardians may elect to change the mode of instruction at each progress reporting period (every three weeks), as long as they provide notice two weeks in advance to the campus.  
    • Teachers will use Schoology, a Learning Management System (LMS) to bring together everything districts and families need to keep students on track. Google Classroom and Google Meet willl be components of Schoology for the virtual classroom.  Other educational programs will be used to enhance/support learning. Students will be required to navigate grade-level appropriate platforms and submit assignments virtually through those platforms.
    • Families of younger students will be expected to assist them to access the device, get started daily, and stay on task.
    • Calallen ISD is providing electronic devices on an as-needed basis.
    • Parents will be required to sign a Virtual School Expectation Agreement


    Additional Support and Special Services:

    • Resource services will be provided synchronously during core instructional time and/or during the resource/RTI/tutoring time.
    • In-class support services will be provided during asynchronous OR synchronous instructional time depending on the need of the student and the teacher schedule.



    For students to be counted for attendance purposes, they must be engaged in one of the following ways for each enrolled class during each school day:

    • Daily progress in the Learning Management System as defined by Calallen ISD Asynchronous Plan;
    • Daily progress via teacher-student interaction; or
    • Completion/submission of daily assignments from student to teacher


    Important Resources and Documents:

    Calallen Virtual School Expectations:  Outlines Calallen Virtual School expectations for students, parents, and staff.

    Calallen Virtual Classroom Expectations:  Outlines virtual classroom expectations for student success

    Calallen Virtual School Parent Agreement:  Outlines parent commitments to ensure student success in the virtual learning environment


    Sample Student Schedules:

    Please find sample student schedules below.  These are sample schedules that will be adjusted according to student needs and program participation.

    Pre-K Schedule

    Kindergarten Schedule

    1st Grade Schedule

    2nd Grade Schedule

    3rd Grade Schedule

    4th Grade Schedule

    5th Grade Schedule

    6th Grade Schedule

    7th Grade Schedule

    8th Grade Schedule

    9th-12th Grade Schedule


    Secondary Courses Not Eligible for Virtual School:

    Due to the hands-on nature of the following courses, they are not eligible to be taught in a fully virtual environment.  For students to participate in these courses, parents/guardians must commit to a face-to-face learning environment for their student:

    Courses Offered at Calallen Middle School

    • Principles of Construction Trades
    • Media Journalism

    Courses Offered at Calallen High School

    • Agriculture Mech and Metal
    • Agriculture Power and Machinery
    • Agriculture Fabrication and Design
    • Manufacturing Classes
    • Health Science II - Rotations

    Courses Offered Through Del Mar College

    • Automotive I & II
    • Culinary Arts
    • Cosmotology I & II
    • Fire Science
    • Non-Destructive Testing
    • Phlebotomy

    Courses Offered Through CRAFT Training Center

    • Electrical
    • Instrumentation
    • Pipe Fitting
    • Process Technology
    • Welding I & II


    Secondary Courses That Will Require Some On-Campus Instructional Time:

    Some courses may require students who selected to attend the Calallen Virtual School to periodically come to campus for instructional time outside of the regular school day, after hours.  This includes:

    • Weighted courses (e.g. Pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement) - students will be required to take assessments and complete hands-on activities such as labs and projects in a proctored environment.
    • Specific Career and Technology Courses - students may be required to complete hands-on assignments that cannot be completed virtually on-campus. 
    • Specific assignments that must be completed in a proctored environment.


    Del Mar Dual Credit Core Classes:

    At this time, all core academic dual credit courses offered through Del Mar College are scheduled in a virtual environment.  Students enrolled in these courses may select to attend the Calallen Virtual School.  There may periodically be times when students must come to campus to complete hands-on assignments, or assessments that must be proctored.