• We will be following a Macro to Micro curriculumn. Meaning, we will start with the fascinating bigger elements of Life Science (like relationships in the environment) and work our way to the smallest of elements inside our amazing cells. Please be advised that the following curriculum is subject to change at the teacher's discretion. 

    First Quarter

    Week One (Aug 12 and 13):
    We will take these two days to get to know the expectations and guidelines of the classroom and to get to know your classmates. This is also my chance to get to learn a little about you! Like, what sports or extra curriculars are you involved in, your favorite color, and other basic knowledge to help me help you. I also suggest taking this time to get to know your classmates! Biology is difficult!!!! Finding a great study partner or person to help with the notes on a day you missed, can truly make a difference. 
    You will also receive and get familiar with your digital notebook. With this in mind, you will need your own personal laptop or make arrangements with the front office to receive a school issued chromebook that you may borrow till the end of the school year. Don't panic, it's going to be awesome! 
    On Friday, the 13th we will start notes on characteristics of life. 

    Week Two (Aug 16-20):
    Monday: Abiotic vs Biotic (Living vs Non-Living) and Levels of Organization Notes
    Tuesday: Flow of energy notes: Food Web/Chain
    Wednesday: Flow energy practice: Food Web/Chain
    Thursday: Energy Pyraid Notess and Practice
    Friday: Energy Pyramid Practice and Trophic Levels

    Week Three (Aug 23-23):
    Monday: Symbiosis Notes (Relationships within the natural environment: Predation, Commensalism, Etc)
    Tuesday: Symbosis Practice
    Wednesday: Primary Succession and Secondary Succession Notes and Practice
    Thursday: Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles Notes and Practice
    Friday: Unit Review (Secondary Early Release Only)

    Week Four (Aug 30-Sept 3):
    Monday: Unit Review
    Tuesday: Unit Exam
    Wednesday: Theory of Natural Selection Notes (Survival of the Fittest)
    Thursday: Adaptation Notes and Adaptation vs Acclimation Notes
    Friday: Adaptation Lab and Post Lab Questions

    Week Five (Sept 6-10):
    Monday: No School Labor Day
    Tuesday: Bird Beak Lab
    Wednesday: Bird Beak Post Lab Questions
    Thursday: Evidence of Evolution Notes
    Friday: Evidences of Evolution Drag and Drop Activity

    Week Six (Sept 13-17):
    Monday: Evolution Arms Race
    Tuesday: Mechanisms of Evolution Notes
    Wednesday: Mechanisms of Life Notes Cont and Color by Number Activity
    Thursday: Circle of Life
    Friday: Circle of Life Cont and Unit Review

    Week 7 (Sept 20-24):
    Monday: Unit Review
    Tuesday: Unit Exam
    Wednesday: Classification of Life Notes
    Thursday: Classification of Life Activity
    Friday: Endosymbiosis Notes and Domain and Kingdom Chart

    Week 8 (Sept 27-Oct 1)
    Monday: Professional Development Day (No school for students)
    Tuesday: Kingdoms Chart Part 2 and Where do I Belong Activity
    Wednesday: Dichotomous Keys Notes and Activity (Shoe or Disney)
    Thursday: Activity (Shoe or Disney) Continued
    Friday: Video (Secondary Early Release Only)

    Week 9 (Oct 4-8)
    Monday: Cladogram Notes
    Tuesday: Phylogeny Notes
    Wednesday: Cladogram and Phylogeny Practice
    Thursday: Quarter 1 Review
    Friday: Quarter 1 Review Continued

    Week Ten ( Oct 11-15)
    Monday: Professional Development (No School For Students)
    Tuesday: Quarter Exam
    Wednesday: Levels of Organization (Micro) Notes and Activity
    Thursday: Biomolecules Notes and Chart
    Friday: Biomolecules Activity

     Second Quarter

    Week Eleven