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    Calallen Community,

    I’m writing to provide you with an update on the Strategic Planning work.  In 2015, the district unveiled it’s five-year strategic plan to identify the district’s Mission, Vision, and Beliefs.  It is now time to revisit and update our 2015-2020 planning process.  Our new Strategic Plan will set the course for the next five years, 2020-2025, by refining our Mission, Vision, and Beliefs, and solidifying our priorities.

    During our current strategic planning process, we plan to build on what we’ve accomplished in the last five years and to provide more specificity about our new goals. The refined priorities will provide the guidance we need to align our programs and resources in a way that best supports each and every student in achieving success.

    Our strategic planning process began February 2020 with a public meeting that included input from school personnel, students, parents, business, and the community.  We want to make sure that our priorities reflect input from all our stakeholders.

    Our next step is to provide an opportunity for broader participation by conducting a community-wide survey. For parents of students in grades K-8, please access the survey here: K-8 parent survey.  Calallen High School parents may access the survey at this link:  CHS parent survey.  The links are also located on CISD’s website. The survey should take approximately five minutes to complete and will be available until February 5, 2020.  Students and staff members will also be asked to complete the survey. 

    A Design Team Committee, comprised of 24 members representing district staff, school administrators, educators, parents, and community members will meet on March 11, 2020.  They will analyze the results of the surveys along with feedback from public meeting and will complete the remaining steps of the strategic planning process.  The community will have an opportunity to review a draft of the strategic plan and provide feedback from March 12 through April 10.

    By working together, we will create a plan that will build upon the strengths of the Calallen ISD to ensure that each and every student achieves success.

    I thank you in advance for your participation in this work and for all you do to support our students.

    Dr. Arturo Almendarez


    K-8 Parent Survey

    CHS Parent Survey