• -NCAA (Future College Athletes)

    The advantages of competing in college sports are both immediate and lifelong. Participating in college sports provides opportunities to learn, compete and succeed. Student-athletes receive top-notch academic support, quality medical care and regular access to outstanding coaching, facilities and equipment. Student-athletes as a group graduate at higher rates than their peers in the general student body and feel better prepared for life after college.

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    College-bound student-athletes preparing to enroll in a Division I or Division II school need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to ensure they have met amateurism standards and are academically prepared for college coursework.

    Are you ready to play college sports? Download the brochure to find out and begin creating your account. http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future

    -Khan Academy (https://www.khanacademy.org/sat) Free SAT practice/review site. 

    -Resume assistance http://www.ownyourownfuture.com/files/documents/building-a-resume-e.pdf

    -Tips on writing a college essay (https://www.princetonreview.com/college-advice/college-essay, http://www.ownyourownfuture.com/files/documents/writing-coll-admissions-essay-e.pdf)

    -Request a letter of recommendation (brag sheet).  All requests must be made in-person with either a resume or brag sheet, see attachmentAllow 2 weeks for request to be complete.  Please follow up with your teacher, counselor, and/or administrator within time frame. 

    -AP credit transfer (https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/creditandplacement/search-credit-policies) AP Credit Policy Search: Find colleges and universities that offer credit or placement for AP scores. Begin your search by entering the name of the institution below. For the most up-to-date AP credit policy information, be sure to check the institution's website.

    -College For All Texans (www.collegeforalltexans.com) was developed by Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as a resource page for students and parents to learn more about the college process etc.

    -ApplyTexas (www.applytexas.org)

    -The Common Application (www.commonapp.org)

    -Own Your Own Future (www.ownyourownfuture.com) provides college readiness resources for Texas middle-school and high-school students—including videos, web resources and activities.

    -O*NET (https://www.onetonline.org/)  The Occupational Information Network is a free online database that contains hundreds of occupational definitions to help students, job seekers, businesses and workforce development professionals to understand today's world of work in the United States. It was developed under the sponsorship of the US Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA). It references psychologist, John L. Holland's vocational model, often referred to as the Holland Codes, to identify the consumers careers and vocational choice (based upon personality types) under the “Interest” section of the O*NET and ASVAB.

    -O*NET interest inventory (https://www.onetonline.org/find/descriptor/browse/Interests/) Free online interest/personality type assessment that measures and evaluates the level of an individual's interest in, or preference for, a variety of activities to determine a better career match.  Want to discover your interests? Take the O*NET Interest Profiler at My Next Move.

    -Work in Texas/Texas Workforce Commission (WorkInTexas.com) is a comprehensive online job search resource and matching system developed and maintained by the Texas Workforce Commission. It provides recruiting assistance to Texas employers of all types and sizes, and job search assistance to any individual seeking work in Texas.

    -Coastal Compass, Education and Career Resource Center (https://coastalcompass.org/) All Services are Free!  They are located at La Palmera Mall. They understand that deciding to change your path in life can be both scary and overwhelming. That’s why their partnerships with area schools and training programs connect you with experienced counselors to offer you FREE step by step assistance and support to get you exactly where you want to go, one step at a time. Take the first step in the direction to success by visiting Coastal Compass today at La Palmera Mall (at the Macy’s/parking garage entrance).

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    Tuesday               10:30AM–6PM

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    -Texas Career Check (https://texascareercheck.com/) is brought to you by The Labor Market & Career Information (LMCI) and the Department of the Texas Workforce Commission. Texas Career Check is an exploration tool built for students to research different Careers and Schools. This system provides an intuitive way to look for information and descriptions on occupations and schools that the student may be interested in. This tool brings together a wealth of information from various sources maintained by different entities. While these independent entities are informative on their own, they are usually difficult to navigate and the required data is hard to find. Texas Career Check relieves this issue with an easy to navigate website. This has 2 sections: Exploring Careers and Exploring Education.

    -Texas Labor Market & Career Information (LMCI) (https://lmci.state.tx.us/) is a website offered by the Texas Workforce Commission to give resources to the public. 

    -Texas OnCourse (https://texasoncourse.org/) Texas OnCourse is the state's definitive source for college and career planning.  They empower all with the educator-specific training, resources, and support to make decisions that will help you, your child, or your student succeed after high school.  Thousands of students, educators, and schools across Texas use Texas OnCourse resources.

    -Texas Reality Check (https://texasrealitycheck.com/) Texas Reality Check will show you how much your living expenses will cost, and the amount of money you will need to earn to pay for them. Will you be able to afford the lifestyle you want?  It's difficult to predict the future, but it's never too early to start planning for it. It's time for a Reality ...

    -Texas Common Course Numbering System (https://www.tccns.org/) The Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) is a voluntary, co-operative effort among 136 Texas community colleges and universities to facilitate transfer of freshman and sophomore level general academic coursework.  For the most up-to-date credit transfer policy information, be sure to check the institution's website. (Course equivalence per each institution)

    -Texas High Education Coordinating Board (http://www.thecb.state.tx.us/ )