• Automatic admissions Texas policy

    Students who graduate with a grade point average in the top of their high school graduating class may be eligible for certain privileges when applying to college. You may automatically qualify for admission to college and not even know it! Find out about the Top 10% Rule or how to get to college if you are in the top 25% of your graduating class.

    Visit: https://tea.texas.gov/Academics/Graduation_Information/Automatic_College_Admission/ for more information.


    • Applying

    The moment has arrived! By the fall of your senior year, you should stop shopping for a college and start applying to one. Many of the more selective colleges and universities have mid- to late-December deadlines for enrollment the following fall. Others may have deadlines late in the spring, or may even continue taking applications through the summer. So if you're ready to apply to the college you've chosen, these helpful guidelines will make the process easier, and prevent last-minute surprises.


    • Apply early so you'll have time to review and compare scholarship and financial aid offers, and see if any schools require you to take summer preparatory courses.
    • Read the application instructions carefully and be sure you provide all of the required information and materials-such as copies of high school transcripts or letters of reference.
    • Respond to all requests for additional information immediately and keep records of your responses.
    • Keep a file with a copy of your application and other materials, copies of letters from the colleges or universities, and copies of your letters to the schools.
    • Go ApplyTexas (https://prod.applytexas.org/)
    • The Common Application (commonapp.org)
    • Please visit each particular college/university/post-secondary school’s website you are considering, for more information and deadlines.