• Arts and Humanities 

    The Arts and Humanities endorsement is a curriculum path that allows a student to focus on courses directly related to fine arts, English literature, foreign languages and social studies.  



    Students interested in pursuing a career path in the entertainment industry or as an interpreter, or writer, for example, may want to consider the Arts and Humanities endorsement to guide course selection.


    A student may earn an arts and humanities endorsement by completing the requirements specified in the foundation plan and one of the following:

    • five social studies credits
    • or four levels of the same language in a language other than English
    • or two levels of the same language in a language other than English and two levels of a different language in a language other than English
    • or a sequence of four credits in fine arts from one or two categories


    Art and Humanities Endorsement includes courses directly related to:

    • Art
    • Music/Band
    • Theatre
    • Production Theatre
    • Technical Theatre
    • Languages Other than English
    • Advanced Placement Social Studies

    *For more information on this and other endorsements, please visit our page on House Bill 5*  

    Students and parents should consult CISD Course Catalogue for a listing of Arts and Humanities pathways and courses offered to earn this endorsement. 

    As always, your counselors are ready and able to answer any questions you may have about choosing a career or choosing courses related to this endorsement. 

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Arts and Humanities Pathways