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    All incoming freshman must declare an endorsement area on their Personal Graduation Plan.  Within each endorsement is an endoresement pathway - how you will earn the endorsement.  At CISD, we offer all five endorsements and multiple pathways depending on the career interest of your choice.



     Endorsement Pathways




    1. Does every student have to graduate with an endorsement?

    No. A student may opt to graduate Foundation High School Program only without an endorsement if, after the student's sophomore year the student and the student's parent or guardian are advised by a school counselor of the specific benefits of graduating from high school with one or more endorsements and the student's parent or guardian files with a school counselor written permission, on a form adopted by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), allowing the student to graduate under the Foundation High School Program without earning an endorsement.

    2. Can a student earn more than one endorsement?

    Yes. A district must allow a student to enroll in courses under more than one endorsement before the student's junior year.

    3. Can a student change endorsements? When?

    Yes. While a district is not required to offer all endorsements, a district must allow a student to choose, at any time, to earn an endorsement other than the endorsement the student previously indicated from among the available endorsements.

    4. Will all high schools be required to offer multiple endorsements, even those that focus 100% STEM/engineering?

    No. Statute requires each school district to make available to high school students courses that allow a student to complete the curriculum requirements for at least one endorsement. A school district that offers only one endorsement curriculum must offer the multidisciplinary studies endorsement curriculum.


    5. May a course satisfy both a foundation and an endorsement requirement?

    Yes. A course completed as part of the set of four courses needed to satisfy an endorsement requirement may also satisfy a requirement under the Foundation High School Program, including an elective requirement. A student must still earn a total of 26 credits to graduate on the Foundation High School Program with an endorsement.

    6. Do districts have the authority to require Algebra II or other specific courses for all endorsements?

    Yes. School districts have the authority to establish requirements in addition to what the state requires of students for graduation. This is a local decision.

    7. Who decides what constitutes a coherent sequence of courses?

    Each local school district has the authority to determine a coherent sequence of courses and identify courses within that sequence as advanced courses for the purposes of satisfying an endorsement requirement, provided that prerequisites are followed.

    8. In some endorsement options there doesn’t seem to be a clear sequence. Will the district determine the sequence in these cases?

    Yes. A school district determines the specific set of courses each student must complete to earn an endorsement, provided that prerequisites are followed and that the set of courses meets the requirements of the options listed for an endorsement in SBOE rule.

    9. Are students required to meet each of the options listed under an endorsement area, or they required to only meet one of the options?

    To earn an endorsement a student must complete any specific course requirements and one set of requirements identified in the endorsement rules. For example, to earn a business and industry endorsement, a student must complete the course requirements for CTE or the course requirements for English language arts electives, but not both.

    10. Under the endorsements for which CTE courses are an option, is there a list of “advanced CTE courses that are the third or higher course in a sequence”?

    There is not a list of such courses. A school district may define advanced CTE courses keeping in mind the requirement that the course be the third or higher course in a sequence.



Endorsements and Careers

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