• Are you new to Calallen ISD? Interested in the GT program? 

    If your student was previously identified as Gifted & Talented, and you have official documentation, please let us know and your student will be placed into our Wildcat Gifted & Talented Program. 

    If you are interested in testing, the process will begin in late Fall of 2023. Be on the lookout for more information! 

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  • GT

     Jodi Ferguson

    Curriculum Director

    Leslee Schauer 

    Wildcat Gifted & Talented Committee Chair 


    The Wildcat Gifted & Talented Program is designed to offer students curricular experiences that will develop and broaden their general intellectual ability, creative and productive thinking skills, leadership qualities, and willingness to be of service to others. Calallen ISD offers a streamlined Gifted & Talented Program where students can participate starting in kindergarten through the culmination of their K-12 journey. 


    Wildcat Gifted & Talented Program (Kinder - 5th grade)

    The Wildcat Gifted & Talented Program starts in kindergarten, for students who participate in testing and meet or exceed district cut-off scores. In kinder through 5th grade, students participate in advanced curriculum and instruction in all four core content areas - Math, Science, Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies. Identified kindergarten students will be served by March 1st of their kindergarten year. First through fifth-grade students who test into the gifted & talented program will receive services starting the following academic year. 


    Wildcat Gifted & Talented Program (6th grade - 12th grade) 

    As students continue in the Wildcat Gifted & Talented Program, students will participate in courses that are designed to challenge students in core areas. In grades 6 through 8, students will be enriched through depth and complexity of assignments, as well as program rigor. At Calallen high school, students identified are served through the College Board Pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement courses.