• Candy Morris, District Testing Coordinator-ACT/SAT/TSI Test Site Supervisor for Test Day
    Please use the websites below for SAT/ACT registration and to access scores.
    Other College Readiness Exam Info: TSI Test  (college entrance exam known as Accuplacer, for entrance into dual credit and other programs) Located at CHS    *Register in counseling office     (19-20 TSI dates TBA as they appraoch)


    Attention Parents, Student and Teachers: Here are the SAT/ACT/TSI dates Calallen will host for the school year. The links to register for the SAT/ACT exams are listed below as well. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!            

    The table below lists the exam dates offered this year at Calallen High School. (Non-bold/colored dates are NOT offered at our site). The other dates available for SAT/ACT will be in nearby districts. If you need to take a test on other dates, you can search the locations on the registration websites. TSI is also offered at Delmar College on a regular basis. Please go the following websites for more information and registration.  TSI test scores are given to students on test day and they are responsible for taking to parents and keeping a copy. For practice on any test, SAT/ACT test scores, specific test questions or registration info related specifically to your student, please login to the websites below or call toll free numbers provided on websites.

    SAT/ACT School Code and Test Center Codes can be looked up when you are going through registration process on the websites. Calallen HS School Code for SAT/ACT is 441045. (Test Center Code depends on which school you want to take test at, so you can search that on the registration website).

    SAT:      ACT:     TSI (Accuplacer):   (for practice only, register for this one in counseling office)           

    To enter test site for ALL of these exams, student MUST bring:

    • Valid Driver’s License or Current Year Student ID (cannot be expired)
    • Test admission ticket (print online when you register on SAT/ACT websites)
    • 2-#2 pencils
    • Allowable calculator for SAT/ACT (see calculator policy). (Calculator not permitted for TSI).
    • Snacks/water as desired (optional to bring but not provided). Enter front entrance of HS and wait in specified hall, between 7:30-7:45am. Students will be checked into rooms by 7:45 and will not be permitted to enter after 8am.

    Test Dates for 19-20 School Year (open link to see attachment with all dates)

    If you have any general questions regarding our test site, please contact Candy Morris, District Testing Coordinator at or 361-242-7593. If you have other specific questions in regards to your child's/student college entrance needs, please contact the school counselor.

    For specific SAT/ACT related administration questions, you should contact the SAT(College Board) or ACT directly at the numbers provided on their websites.

         ~When do I take the SAT/ACT?

    Although it is up to the student and parent, here is one answer directly from the SAT College board website: "Most students take the SAT during their junior or senior year of high school. At least half of all students take the SAT twice — in the spring as a junior and in the fall as a senior. Most students improve their score the second time they take the SAT. Learn more about when to take the SAT." The PSAT will be offered through the HS counseling office and updates will be announced to students as they come available. Brochures and booklets with more information on some of these exams are also available in the HS counseling office.

    More information can be found at the websites below:




    Practicing and familiarizing yourself with these standardized assessments, can help you often help increase your scores! There are numerous companies that offer test preparation classes and tutorials. The website, has a section that compares the “SAT/ACT Test Preparation Companies” available; rates & reviews them, and provides links to each company’s website.