• The goal of the CISD Purchasing & Procurement Department is to support the educational goals of the District by being fiscally responsible with the district's resources and revenue, and assisting campuses and departments during the purchasing process in order to ensure compliance with all state laws, statutes and board policy. 

Contact Information

  • Director of Operations: Blair McDavid


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    4205 Wildcat Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78410


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Purchasing Information

  • The Purchasing Department performs many operations in the procurement of goods and services for the district. It is basically divided into three interrelated sections and functions; the order processing function, the contracting function, and bidding function.


    The District's purchasing of goods and services is governed by federal, state, and local Board Policy. Purchases with federal funds shall be made in accordance with EDGAR regulations, state purchasing laws, School Board Policy and the District's State and Federal Grants Manual. Purchases with state and local funds shall be made in accordance with state purchasing laws, School Board Policy and the District's Business Procedures Manual.


    The Board has authorized the Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Operations to make single, budgeted purchases for goods and services for less than $50,000. The Board shall approve all single, budgeted purchases over $50,000.


    Compliance with the standards of the Texas Education Agency, Texas State Attorney General's Office, and local policy are paramount in regard to competitive bidding and procurement. In an attempt to increase participation in the bid process, the District publishes all requests for bids and requests for proposals on this site as well as in the Corpus Christi Caller Times.  We encourage vendors to visit below to view the Current Bids, RFP's, Quotes area to find the appropriate bid packet for their service and/or product to submit. Additionally, the District maintains a Vendor Procurement List for all interested vendors based on the products and services offered. See below to sign-up.


    In awarding a contract to a vendor, the District may consider:

    1. Purchase price.
    2. The reputation of the vendor and of the vendor's goods and services.
    3. The quality of the vendor's goods or services.
    4. The extent to which the goods and services meet the District's needs.
    5. The vendor's past relationship with the District.
    6. The impact on the ability of the District to comply with laws relating to historically underutilized businesses.
    7. The total long-term cost to the District to acquire the goods and services.
    8. Any other relevant factor specifically listed in the request for bids or proposals.


    All vendors shall complete the District's Vendor Application form and required documents. In addition, the vendors shall submit Conflict of Interest and Disclosure of Interested Parties Forms, as appropriate. 


    Note: All purchase commitments shall be made by the Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Operations, on behalf of the District, on a properly executed Purchase Order. The District will not be responsible for payment of goods or services that are provided to Calallen ISD staff without an approved purchase order. 

New Vendor Application

  • The District's New Vendor Packet is for informational purposes. Vendors are not placed on the District’s approved vendor list until a purchase request is initiated by the District and a Purchase Order is approved. Please do not submit a New Vendor Application Packet until requested by the District.

    Calallen ISD New Vendor Application Packet

Current Bid and Proposal Opportunities

Procurement Vendor List

  • Want to receive copies of future District procurement solicitations? 


    The District maintains a Vendor Procurement List for all interested vendors based on the products and services offered. Vendor contact information provided on this form will be utilized by Calallen ISD to send copies of relevant procurements release based on the products or services described in the form below for your company.

    Please Note: Completing this form does not set your organization up as an approved vendor to do business with Calallen ISD, nor does it constitute timely responding to any current procurements or solicitation. To receive a copy of a current procurement or solicitation, or to submit a response to a current procurement or solicitation, contact Blair McDavid at bmcdavid@calallen.org

    Calallen ISD Procurement Vendor List Sign-Up Form


Past Bid and Proposal Opportunities