• Board Guidelines


    Board of Trustee members participate in a variety of meetings. The purpose of the meetings is to conduct Calallen ISD business and to provide the Board Members with an opportunity to discuss issues with each other and with staff. The following definitions provide parameters by which said meetings are conducted.

    Regular Meeting: This is a business meeting held on the second Monday of each month (unless otherwise voted on by the Board) during which action may be taken on posted agenda items. Meetings are held at 5:30 pm in the Board Room in the Central Administration office at 4205 Wildcat Dr. Public comment is welcomed but is restricted to three minutes per representative as designated by policy.
    Those individuals wishing to participate in public comment sign-up at the front desk prior to the meeting.

    Special Meeting: This is a business meeting held on a date other than the regularly scheduled meeting date. Action may be taken on posted agenda items. No public comment.

    Closed Meeting: This is a meeting of the Board of Trustees which is not open to the public and in which only certain topics may be discussed. No action may be taken on any items while in closed session.

    Workshop/Work Session: This is a meeting between Board Members and staff to receive information. No public comment is allowed and no action may be taken on items while in work session.

    Public Forum: This is a meeting to listen to public input. The forum may address a specific topic or may be a general information session to receive public input. This meeting may be held at individual schools or in the community. No action may be taken on items while in a public forum.

    All meeting notices and agendas are posted outside the front door of the Administration Building at 4205 Wildcat Dr. and on the Calallen ISD website.  Notices and agendas are also available in the Superintendent’s office during office hours.